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Some links (serious and otherwise) suggested by Geoffrey Hartwell for further and peripheral study

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Philosophy and Ethics of Dispute Resolution

Note: this is not intended as an official reading list.

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I regret that I have not attended to this for a while!

We should live as though some aspect of our life and being were eternal. It is all the more important to do this if we are wholly finite, for thereby we attach to ourselves the dignity of eternity, if not the fact.--Robert Nozick

ADR and Arbitration References:

Sites concerned with current ADR debates - to be developed:

          Swiss First Civil Law Court - Judgment of November 13, 2013

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators East Anglian Branch “Arbitration Reborn”
or “Arbitration – the new alternative to Adjudication”
  lecture 2012

Some books on the philosophy of law which may be interesting:

Books less concerned with the legal system but looking at disputes:

Books concerned with the epistemology of evidence and decision making:

General Reference:

Internet links - I will build these as and when the opportunity arises:

           Wiseoldsayings.com - Philosophy Resource Guide

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

When Things Go Wrong

The story of Abelard and Heloise

A sonnet

Note on Peter Abelard

The film "Stealing Heaven" also tells the story

A more lengthy article on Abelard's philosophy by Bill East (in several parts)

Family Matters
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