Consulting Engineer, Arbitrator, Adjudicator and Mediator
Professor Geoffrey M. Beresford Hartwell

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  Pages in this site:  
  1. Geoffrey Hartwell's cv. and experience as an arbitrator
  2. Geoffrey Hartwell's experience as an expert witness
  3. Link to the new website
  4. Comment page - when it works!

  Occasional Articles:  
  1. The Commercial Way to Justice - Chap. 12
  2. An Introduction to Commercial Arbitration - Theory and Practice
  3. The New York Convention of 1958 - a basis for a supra-national code?
  4. The Reasoned Award in International Arbitration see also Lecture on Preparing to write an Award
  5. Who Shall Be the Arbitrators? - Discussion of the role of lawyers and others.
  6. Arbitration in Context - an introduction to the ethical basis of Arbitration
  7. A note for the Seventh Geneva World Arbitration Forum on an International Arbitral Appeal Court
  8. A proposal for an Appeal facility in Institutional Arbitration
  9. A draft proposal for an ethical code for neutrals.
  10. Use of Experts in the Service of the Tribunal - Paper for The Centre for International Law Studies, 
    Salzburg, June 15 - 18, 2000
  11. Arbitration and the Sovereign Power - A discussion of the theoretical nature of Arbitration.
  12. Example of an Award
  13. Sighted Justice - Paper for the International Institute for Forensic Studies - Italy 2002
  14. 'e' An Occasional Paper partly about Class Action in Arbitration.
  15. Security for costs.
  16. Lies, Damned Lies and Experts what more need I say?
  Other links
  1. The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  2. The Society of Construction Arbitrators
  3. IDRC - International Dispute Resolution Centre, London
  4. The International Chamber of Commerce Dispute Resolution Service
  5. Tower Bridge, London
  6. The Steam Model I was given for my 70th Birthday!
  7. BHA Cromwell House Consulting Engineers and Designers
  8. Construction Disputes: Avoidance and Resolution- Whittles Publishing
  9. Keble - Summer 2006
  10. Fox v Welfair (1982) CA

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