Consulting Engineer, Arbitrator, Adjudicator and Mediator
Professor Geoffrey M. Beresford Hartwell

Geoffrey - now shaven


  Pages in this site:
  1. Geoffrey Hartwell's cv. and experience as an arbitrator
  2. Geoffrey Hartwell's experience as an expert witness
  3. Link to the new website
  Occasional Articles:  
  1. The Commercial Way to Justice - Chap. 12
  2. An Introduction to Commercial Arbitration - Theory and Practice
  3. The New York Convention of 1958 - a basis for a supra-national code?
  4. The Reasoned Award in International Arbitration see also Lecture on Preparing to write an Award
  5. Who Shall Be the Arbitrators? - Discussion of the role of lawyers and others.
  6. Arbitration in Context - an introduction to the ethical basis of Arbitration
  7. A note for the Seventh Geneva World Arbitration Forum on an International Arbitral Appeal Court
  8. A proposal for an Appeal facility in Institutional Arbitration
  9. A draft proposal for an ethical code for neutrals.
  10. Use of Experts in the Service of the Tribunal - Paper for The Centre for International Law Studies, 
    Salzburg, June 15 - 18, 2000
  11. Arbitration and the Sovereign Power - A discussion of the theoretical nature of Arbitration.
  12. Example of an Award
  13. Sighted Justice - Paper for the International Institute for Forensic Studies - Italy 2002
  14. 'e' An Occasional Paper partly about Class Action in Arbitration.
  15. Security for costs.
  Other links
  1. The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  2. The Society of Construction Arbitrators
  3. IDRC - International Dispute Resolution Centre, London
  4. The International Chamber of Commerce Dispute Resolution Service
  5. Tower Bridge, London
  6. The Steam Model I was given for my 70th Birthday!
  7. BHA Cromwell House Consulting Engineers and Designers
  8. Construction Disputes: Avoidance and Resolution- Whittles Publishing
  9. Keble - Summer 2006
  10. Fox v Welfair (1982) CA

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